Google Gravity Tricks, How to do Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky Prank

Google Gravity Tricks are the Pranks done by Google with the users. The simplest looking graphical user interface of Google Homepage is scrambled and all messed up. If you are not aware of this Gravity Effect, this may be freaking. An average joe might think, there is some problem with his computer. Google always do some interesting stuff in the form of Tricks and Pranks like Google Zero Gravity, Google No Gravity, Google Gravity Water or Google Sphere etc. In this article, we are  going to show you some of the Best Google Zero Gravity Tricks & Pranks.

Google Gravity Tricks, Pranks, Effects

It is an interesting application software which pulls down the entire Google Homepage. Introduced and functioning since 2010 on and for the Google’s web browser Google Chrome. It is said to be conceived and developed by Mr.Doobs. This  Application is basically a Google Trick.

Google Zero Gravity: Most Popular Google Gravity Trick

It is same as Google Gravity. Don’t get confused with same Gravity effects but with different names.

Google 0 Gravity: Another Prank

Same .

Google Gravity Space

This effect is official where all the elements on Google homepage float in a space reminding us No Gravity. The concept is, there is no gravity in atmosphere so the elements are not fixed at a particular position.

No Gravity Google

Don’t get confused with the name,. Check out Google  Space which represents this effect.

Anti Gravity Google/ Reverse

This gravity trick is same with some minor and interesting change. The results are in zero gravity, but they are mirrored. Not only the search results, but images, videos, even google logo and buttons and reversed. Try this cool prank from google by clicking the link below.

Google Tilt Effect

Go to and type tilt in search box and hot enter. What comes in next is pretty disturbing if you are unaware of google tilt. In this trick the web page tilts downwards. To try this effects search tilt and hit enter.

Google Gravity Poop

Watch Google homepage being destroyed with various effects such as breaking homepage with hammer, tire tracks all over the page, dog dropping the douche etc. The title itself asks Mr. Doob to shut down his chrome experiment projects ultimately Google Gravity.

Check the Poop effects, it’s really funny and assures some fun.

Google Gravity Sphere

One more such amazing Google tricks is the Google sphere. In Google sphere, the entire Google home screen and the search box toggle to form a spherical shape. And yes, you can also rotate this ball of fun!When you input any word of phrase for search, the search results appear again in a spherical shape.

Google Gravity Underwater: (Water Effect)

You experience the fish swimming beside the google search box which is placed in water. When we search something in Google the search results drop into water.

Google Gravity Undrwater

More and more Google tricks were developed in the form of doodles, like following

Google Gravity Pacman

The Paceman doodle on the 30th anniversary of the game Paceman:

google gravity pacman

The Google Guitar

Here the cords of the guitar can actually be played.

 Google guitar

Thus, the developers at Google can’t stop to amaze the users all over the world with their innovative and interactive ideas!

How to Execute Google Gravity Trick:

Step 1:

Go to any browser and open the Google search engine, A Google search box will appear.

Click here to see Google gravity effect.

 Google Gravity

Step 2: 

Type the phrase ‘Google gravity’ in the search box.

 Google Gravity Trick


Step 3: 

An ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option will appear in the right corner of the search box. Select it. Know more about Google gravity I m feeling lucky

 Google Zero Gravity


Step 4: 

Once you click on the “I’m feeling lucky” option a new Google window will appear on the screen.

 Google Gravity

But within a few seconds, the screen will appear to collapse, like objects collapse on the earth due to the effect of gravity. This is Google gravity! 

 Google Gravity

Step 5:

The application goes ahead when you re-enter any word in the search box and press enter. E.g. Spiderman This is the way the search results fall off into the ground, according to the rule of gravity! 

  How to do Google Gravity

Step 6: 

Now try entering other phrases or words in the search box, and the result will pop down on the previous result appearing like a heap! E.g. harry potter

Google Gravity I'm Feeling Lucky Prank

This is thus, a Google trick which is extremely popular since its introduction and an inspiration to many other tricks that were developed in future.


Go ahead and try these, Google is all about fun!

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